About Us

Company History

  • Qualitek solution established in 2006
  • Qualitek Asia Pacific Headquarters and Manufacturing plant in Singapore.
  • To cater to growing businesses in the Northern Region for Qualitek Product
  • Provide best service to customers and lowest MOQ with highest product Quality
  • Introduce to customer LTAT best Saving method to recycle solder dross with inline and offline system and purify the solder pot impurity and achieve lower carbon content since 2012

Corporate Mission Statement

  • To provide the highest level of customer satisfaction at all times.
  • To provide the immediate Feedback to Principal needed to develop and create best products for the market.
  • To provide Continuous FOC training programs to CUSTOMERS that improve the quality of our workforce through a process of continuous improvement.
  • To provide a work environment that is clean, safe and pleasant and comply to customer safety rules.
  • To believe and have faith in achieving a successful mission with our principal.